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Brothers Chapter XIII
The Pharaoh was engulfed by the Leviathan's dark magic. He stood strong in the heart of the storm. Timaeus, Critias, and Hieremos watched from afar. Wasn't Dartz supposed to defeat his own darkness?
"Pharaoh!" Yugi cried, reaching toward the storm to grab at his partner.
"No! Yugi, this is something I can handle. I have enough light to banish you, Orichalcos God!"
The Leviathan started to disintegrate. Dartz fell back. He struck his head on a pillar. When the Orichalcos God had disappeared, the Pharaoh too, fell back. He was caught by Yugi.
"Pharaoh, are you alright?" Yugi asked.
"I'm fine, but what about Dartz?" the two looked at the Atlantian King. He was slumped against a pillar.
A bright light glowed in front of him. From the light stepped Ironheart, Kris, and Iona. They helped Dartz to his feet. The Atlantian was still a little groggy. He looked around. Timaeus, Critias, and Hieremos ran toward their "brother."
"Dartz!" Critias called.
The Atlantia
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Brothers Chapter XII
Dartz stumbled. He had been so close. But he was home, in Atlantis, or what had been Atlantis. The curse raged through his body. The pain was almost unbearable.
Leave your body behind, Dartz, and join the souls…
"No…  you promised me… Iona…" the Atlantian was tormented by the Orichalcos.
And I lied. Now I have your body, and your Leviathan.
Dartz cried out. Something was terribly wrong. He looked at his hands. They were turning to ice. Panicked, the Atlantian ran to the center of the city, He slumped in a chair as the rest of his body crystallized.
Atlantis rose from the sea. A dark aura surrounded the city. The three duelists found themselves in a courtyard. The ruined palace was nearby.
"This Atlantis place is a real dump," Joey said.
"Shut up," muttered Kaiba, "I don't even want to be here."
"Any idea where Dartz is?" Joey asked, as the three duelists walked through the ruined Atlantis. He looked at a
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Brothers Chapter XI
The Pharaoh had drawn Legend of Heart, the card that Pegasus had made for him. He looked up at Dartz.
"Do you know what I have in my hand? It's called Legend of Heart, which allows me to summon Timaeus, Critias, and Hieremos in their true forms!"
Lightning flashed. Dartz stepped back. He looked up at the clouds, knowing what would come next.
"At last, after ten millennia in captivity, we have been reborn!"
A bright beam of light hit the ground in front of the Pharaoh. When the light faded, three knights stood, guarding the Pharaoh.
"I am he who is known as Timaeus!" the knight in green said, drawing his blade.
"And I am Sir Critias!" the knight in blue drew his blade.
"I am Sir Hieremos!" the knight in red, the blue knight's twin, drew his blade.
"In the name of Atlantis, we have been reborn!"
Dartz stared dumbstruck at his brothers. The curse raged on his arm. "I thought I took care of you centuries ago!" the Atlantian grabbed at his arm. The pain was excr
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Brothers Chapter X
The Pharaoh looked down at the scene in Atlantis. He saw a young blue haired boy being chased by three older boys. They were laughing. It then hit him that the small boy was Dartz. Maybe he had been right, maybe something else made Dartz go mad. The four boys headed toward the courtyard of the castle. When they arrived, they began to spar with swords.
"Is that you, Dartz?" the Pharaoh asked.
The Atlantian king looked at the Pharaoh. For a moment, the Pharaoh saw the boy in Dartz's eyes. But the similarity vanished quickly. When he looked down at Atlantis again, he saw the same blue haired boy, but he was older. His hair reached a bit below his waist. It was tied in a loose ponytail. He was dressed in white. At his side was a young woman. Judging from her looks, she was no older than eighteen. She held the young man's hand. It was a wedding. The Pharaoh looked up at Dartz again. He saw the sadness in the Atlantian's eyes, and even if Kaiba couldn't see i
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Brothers Chapter IX
The Pharaoh had defeated Rafael in a duel, yet neither had their souls taken. The building had collapsed, but Rafael had survived. Now, it was time for the Pharaoh, Kaiba, Tristan, Tea, and Mokuba to find Dartz. The five headed into a helicopter and found that Joey's body was there. The helicopter took off as Kaiba told his pilot where to fly.
"It's impossible to get in there," the pilot said, "The wind's too strong!"
"Do you want me to fire you when I get my company back?" Kaiba asked, the usual sarcastic-icy Kaiba tone to his voice.
"No sir!" the pilot said, "But we may get lost in the storm."
"I'll bet that Dartz wants us to find him," the Pharaoh said.
"The Pharaoh's right. He'll lead us to him," Tristan agreed.
As the helicopter landed, Kaiba and the Pharaoh looked at the temple. It was large enough to fill a small, private island, but didn't seem like a place where a Leviathan could be sleeping. Kaiba was the first to enter the temple.
"Why… why do
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Brothers Chapter VIII
"This is too good to be true," Dartz said to himself, "I want to believe that I'm home, but I can't be sure until I prove it to myself."
He wrapped a dressing robe around himself and headed toward Kris's room.
"Kris? Are you in there?"
He heard a noise. Opening the door, he saw Kris asleep in her bed. She rolled over and opened her eyes.
"Kris," Dartz went over to his daughter and gave her a hug, "I've just had a bad dream, I wanted to make sure that you were okay."
Kris looked at her father. "You never have bad dreams, daddy."
Dartz smiled. "There's a first time for everything, Kris. I'm not immune to bad dreams."
Kris yawned. "I'm tired, daddy."
Dartz tucked her into her bed. She closed her eyes. "Sleep well, Kris."
Dartz left Kris's room and headed to the garden. He knew Iona loved to be in the garden. The moonlight illuminated the fountain in the center of the garden. She sat on the edge of the fountain, staring at the moon. Dartz approached her. She
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